Plus-Size Swimwear

The best plus-size women's swimsuit styles

Warm weather is often a cause for excitement and celebration, but there is a darker side of vacation preparation: swimwear shopping. Many ample women have a very difficult time finding the suit that accentuates their best features, which is no surprise; no other outerwear is so form-fitting or revealing, and it can be tough to look beyond a given flaw in the dressing-room mirror. However, shopping for a new plus-size bathing suit can be considerably less painful with a good understanding of the styles that work for your body type and the features of a good fit.

Fits that Flatter

A good fit is vital for a flattering look, which means that no part of the swimsuit should pinch or ride up as you swim, walk, bend or sit. The best plus-size swimwear styles for large busts feature formed cups or underwire, as well as crossed or racerback straps to lend more support. If you want to smooth bulges, look for built-in control panels that are sewn in at the front, side or back of the suit, like many plus size shapewear designs. When it comes to the style of the suit, look for a cut that balances your proportions—a deep V-neckline emphasizes smaller busts and draws the eye away from generous hips, while a high-cut thigh lengthens the leg and diverts attention from the upper body.

Best Brands

For streamlined, athletic styles, check out Junonia online. It offers a limited selection of colors, but the cut of the plus-size swimdress is very attractive and provides good coverage. Just My Size offers some playful patterns with shirring to minimize the waistline. Torrid is a great place to find plus-size teen swimwear, featuring many of the trendiest styles and patterns. You'll likely find a better selection of plus-size swimwear online than in department stores, but make sure you know your size before ordering.

Style Secrets

Hardly any women in the world have what is hailed as the "perfect" body, which means all those little bathing suits on the rack are actually destined for the women who are confident enough to wear them, not necessarily for the skinniest bathing beauties around. The bottom line is that bathing suits are designed to show skin, and you can show as much as you'd like, regardless of your size. However, a good fit is always important to keep you comfortable and looking your best, so if you're going for a two-piece, look for plus-size bikinis that hold you in without constricting your body. Don't buy a smaller plus-size women's swimsuit with the hope that it will compress bulges or minimize dimensions—you'll achieve the very opposite result.

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