Plus-Size Suits

Get a great fit in plus-size career clothing

Whether you're interviewing for a new job, have worn out your office wardrobe or simply want to build a more professional style, plus-size suits can create the confident and refined air you're looking for. Of course, that put-together look can quickly fall apart without the proper style and fit for your body, so you need to select your plus-size career clothing carefully. Keep in mind that the lines of the outfit will make or break your figure, and not every style works for every body; find out how you can craft a great impression with a well-crafted suit.

Fits that Flatter

Your body type determines which plus-size business suits will help you look your best. If you carry more weight on the top half of your body, look for a single-breasted suit with long and narrow lapels to elongate your torso. If your bottom half is an area of concern, opt for plus-size jackets with long sleeves and straight-leg pants that flare slightly to even out your proportions. Skirted suits for plus-size women look great when the hem falls just to the knee—any longer and your legs can wind up looking short and squat. Whichever style you choose, be sure that the seams are not stretching and the waistband lies flat against your skin to avoid bulging.

Best Brands

If you're in the market for a moderately priced plus-size pantsuit, look to Liz Claiborne's functional, classic style and affordable price tag. Only Necessities offers more casual pant sets, often made from flowing, silky material to keep you feeling comfy and elegant. However, if you have trouble finding a suit set that fits well, consider buying separate pieces from different lines. Catherine's and Avenue brands have good selections of plus size pants, blouses and blazers to help you construct a look all your own.

Style Secrets

Accessories can be great additions to a business outfit, but be careful not to detract from that vertical line you've carefully created. Simple and tasteful jewelry may be the perfect final touch, so pick one piece that goes nicely with the color of your suit and the blouse you will wear underneath. The best shirts to wear with women's plus-size blazers are those that add a splash of color or pattern to the outfit without too much excess fabric—a lot of ruffles or lace doesn't contribute to a professional look.

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