Plus-Size Sleepwear

Pretty plus-size pajamas and robes

Above all else, sleepwear should be comfortable—airy in hot weather, cozy on cooler nights and always soft against your skin. The right fit is very important for a good sleep, but it can be a challenge for ample figures to find the perfect style and size in women's plus-size sleepwear. Moreover, selection is very limited; in many cases, you must settle for either fashion or fit, and the delicate feminine styles are often inadequately sized. Now, however, you can find more brands that cater to generous figures than ever before, so you are bound to find plus-size nightwear that suits both your body and your fashion sense.

Fits that Flatter

While skimpy and flirty pieces are great for romantic moments, many women find that they don't provide the coverage, softness or general comfort for a good night's rest. But instead of covering up with an oversized T-shirt, consider layering a few pieces to get a super-feminine, ultra-comfortable style. A light satin nightgown with a matching robe will ensure you look sleek and stay warm, while pajama sets with separate tops and bottoms are ideal for lounging around the house. Look for stretchy elastic waists with wide bands that won't press into your abdomen, and plus size lingerie with either very short or very long hems to flatter your figure for those special evenings.

Best Brands

If you're looking for extreme comfort, Softies plus-size sleepwear is for you. Made from a special sweat-wicking fabric, the material feels very soft yet will keep you cool and dry all night long—a welcome feature for those who suffer from night sweats. Karen Neuburger plus-size pajamas come in sweet and stylish colors and cuts, and Frankie & Johnny plus-size robes are playfully designed and constructed with quality fabric. Mystique Intimates and Unmentionables lines include lovely, sophisticated nightgowns and lingerie for plus-size women, while the Eileen West brand tends toward comfy yet conservative styles of plus-size nightgowns.

Style Secrets

For warmth, consider modern, eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo; while cotton flannel is the traditional cold-weather fabric, it can't control body temperature very well. Breathable flannels and activewear fabrics, however, pull moisture away from the skin and leave you more comfortable. If you have a hard time finding a one-piece nightgown that accommodates your proportions, purchase separate pieces of adjustable sleepwear, such as bra-style camisoles and bottoms with drawstrings.

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