Plus-Size Shapewear

Shapewear to make the most of your curves

No matter your size, shapewear is an invaluable addition to every woman's wardrobe. But while it can work wonders on average bodies, it really comes to the rescue for ample figures—smoothing bulges and accentuating curves, it can leave you feeling slender, confident and bursting with femininity. From the plus-size body stocking to the plus-size girdle, you'll find a huge variety of style, cut and coverage options to choose from; the right piece for you will keep you supported and controlled without causing discomfort.

Fits that Flatter

Plus-size corsets or girdles with extra elastic panels around the waist create an hourglass figure. Stick to high-waisted plus-size shapewear that reaches to just below the bust, since a lower-cut piece will likely cause some bulging in both the front and back. For extra support and compression across the entire torso, consider a plus-size full-body brief, which resembles a one-piece bathing suit with a built-in bra and extra compression where it counts. Seamless styles that begin at the shoulders and cover the hips, butt and thighs will guarantee a slim silhouette without riding up or drooping down. Looking for something a little sexier? Opt for a lace body stocking that will smooth your figure and show it off.

Best Brands

Spanx is a well-known shapewear brand, offering a variety of styles and colors of camisoles, bodysuits and stockings for all sizes. Flexees is another trusted brand for all kinds of shapewear—try out their waist cincher and firm control plus size underwear that's reinforced with microfiber panels. For sexier styles like plus-size bustiers that aim to showcase your curves, check out Harlequin and Panache.

Style Secrets

Instead of squeezing into a super-tight bodysuit every day, let your outfit determine the amount of compression you need. In the case of a slinky evening dress that hugs more curves than you would like, a compression-based shaper with latex will give you the maximum effect. However, this is often unnecessary and can be a little uncomfortable to wear all day, every day. If you'd like a smooth silhouette under a casual yet fitted outfit, opt for breathable nylon, cotton and Lycra blends that flatten rather than compress.

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