Plus-Size Scrubs

Comfortable plus-size nursing uniforms

If you work in a clinical environment, scrubs are likely a mainstay in your wardrobe. Alternatively, perhaps you put comfort before style and choose to wear scrubs as everyday garments. The comfortable cut and gentle colors are pleasing to the eye and to the body—unless they don't fit well. In fact, ample women often have a hard time finding a brand that respects their proportions, and are left instead with very billowy or uncomfortably tight pieces that can make work frustrating or awkward. The solution to that problem is a good pair of plus-size scrubs, designed to fit your specific shape and keep you comfy and relaxed.

Fits that Flatter

Plus-size nurse scrubs are extremely versatile garments that appeal to pregnant ladies and comfort-seekers as well as nurses. The right scrubs for you will not restrict your movement, but the material shouldn't get in the way either. Look for mock-wrap tops with darker side panels for a slimming look, and straight leg or slightly flared plus size pants with a bit of stretch to even out bottom proportions. A good choice is a cotton-polyester blend, which falls comfortably around your body and is fairly stain-resistant. If you'd like a bit more shape, look for plus-size nursing uniforms that include a vest or cardigan to add some vertical lines to the outfit.

Best Brands

You'll find a variety of brands of plus-size hospital scrubs, and each offers some interesting and comfortable styles. Dickies is a tried and true brand with classic styles as well as some trendy colors and cuts, while Cherokee brand offers some pretty, modern prints and a variety of fashionable yet very durable styles. Another good brand is Landau, which features longer and looser tops, pants with a relaxed fit and a number of roomy styles, all at attractive prices.

Style Secrets

While plus-size nurse's scrubs come in a rainbow of colors these days, be wary of overly bright or vivid shades. A super-saturated red, green or yellow may be your cup of tea, but consider your environment: a hospital or medical facility caters to its patients, and so you should keep their feelings in mind. Express yourself with prints or hues that are playful instead of stunning when you're at work, and you're sure to make a good impression.

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