Plus-Size Pants

Flattering cuts for plus-size pants, jeans and shorts

When it comes to plus-size pants, jeans and shorts, the most important thing to remember is that you should always choose a garment that fits comfortably. Trying to force yourself into slacks or jeans that are too small will have the exact opposite effect you're after, and your body will look bigger rather than smaller. Wearing overly generous plus-size jeans will also have an unflattering effect; instead, simply find the plus-size pants that are just right.

To do this, you need to take careful (and honest) measurements, both of your waist and your inseam. Many famous name brands make plus-size designer jeans, as more and more consumers are demanding fashionable alternatives and trendy plus size clothing.

Fits that Flatter

With plus-size pants and jeans, as mentioned, aim for a natural-fitting look that is neither too tight nor too loose. Straight-leg jeans are generally your safest option. With women's plus-size shorts, aim for loosely cut legs that offer a generous amount of room. Choosing longer plus-size shorts that come down to around your knee is also recommended if you're aiming for a modest, tasteful look. Capris can make a better and more comfortable choice.

Best Brands

Plus-size jeans are made by many well-known designers and popular fashion labels, including Antik, Yanuk, Seven7 and Svoboda. In particular, Antik and Svoboda are well-known and well-regarded for creating stylish, attractive and trendy clothing for full-figured fashion-conscious women. Shorts and capris for plus-size women are made by such famous companies as Nike and Eddie Bauer, as well as Liz & Me and many other recognizable brand names.

Style Secrets

Many full-figured women opt to go for a taller appearance, emphasizing the vertical rather than the horizontal. If you want to use this technique to create a flattering outfit, some of the things you can do include sticking to monochromatic color and tone patterns in your top and pants, but adding color or texture contrast with your accessories. Cardigans and jackets can be left unbuttoned to create sharper vertical lines, and stick to smaller belts. Also, remember that V-necks lengthen the look of your body, and dangling earrings and necklaces have a more flattering and noticeable effect than subtler alternatives.

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