Plus-Size Outerwear

Stylish coats and footwear in plus sizes

For some women, shopping for outerwear can be just as unpleasant as swimsuit shopping. Searching for appropriate shoes in a large size is a tiring task, and the extra layers that you don when the cold weather hits can quickly add some unwanted bulk to your figure. But there's no need to settle for a formless coat or unfashionable shoes to get you through the cooler months—these days, plenty of retailers offer a range of plus-size outerwear that's in line with trendy and classic styles. The perfect piece for you will work with your curves and cleverly conceal your trouble areas while keeping you warm, comfortable and fashionable all season long.

Fits that Flatter

As with any piece of clothing, color is a significant aspect of plus-size jackets. Darker colors are more slimming and tend to go well with the majority of most wardrobes, while lighter colors add bulk. But perhaps the most important elements of the coat are the cut, style and length; as with plus size suits, long, thin lapels and a hemline just below the hip, at the knee or down to the ankle will be the best cuts for you.

When it comes to plus-size shoes, larger feet don't need to look like blocks—some clever features can give you some height, decrease width and generally make your feet appear smaller. Look for plus-size boots that stop just at the ankle or go to the knee, since any line across your mid-calf will break up the slimming vertical line of your figure. Stick to slightly thicker heels to balance out proportion, and for a slimmer look, avoid any laces or decorations across the width of the toe or ankle.

Best Brands

Plus-size leather jackets are gaining popularity, and you'll find many stores that offer interesting styles. Some good brands to check out include Centigrade and Bradley, which focus on classic, timeless styles in a relatively large variety of colors. Look to Roaman's and Lane Bryant for sophisticated yet modern styles, Columbia for functional and sporty fashions, and Land's End for a selection of casual designs. As for shoes, Maryland Square and David Tate offer shoes and boots for the ample-footed.

Style Secrets

Many would agree that the best women's plus-size coat lengthens and slims the body, and pairs nicely with shoes and accessories. Take good care when choosing those accessories, as an overly large handbag or too many shiny decorations can work against the slimming effect of that perfect coat. One nice brooch or a color-coordinated scarf, combined with an interesting but moderately sized handbag, will enhance your outerwear perfectly.

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