Plus-Size Maternity

Cute maternity clothes for plus-size women

Every woman deserves to look stylish and elegant during pregnancy with maternity clothes that fit well and feel great. Unfortunately, the limited selection of plus-size maternity clothes makes it difficult for many women to find tasteful garments that fit their forms, which can send them running to oversized T-shirts and shapeless sweats. Plus-size maternity overalls might be cute once in a while, but there are some great places to shop for more fashionable maternity plus-size clothing, and several styles that will flatter your figure while they allow your tummy to expand. The key to your comfort is finding the right fit, fabric and cut for your proportions.

Fits that Flatter

As with other plus size tops, some of the best maternity clothes for plus-size women feature an empire waist and flowing fabric to hug the top of the torso and fall comfortably over the belly. In fact, you may find that this type of plus-size maternity top can carry you through the majority of your pregnancy, and even back to your pre-baby size. Long skirts with either elastic waists or in a wrap style are pretty and functional additions to your wardrobe. Knits and woven fabrics with Lycra will grow with you and highlight your curves without constricting.

Best Brands

It can be a challenge to find a brand that suits your unique figure, so you may need to browse around a bit until you find that one label that will get you through your pregnancy. If you're looking for classic and sophisticated plus-size maternity dresses, check out BellaBlu Maternity. For something a bit more casual, consider the Duo or Common Genes brands of maternity jeans.

Style Secrets

Avoid the urge to simply buy regular clothes in a size or two larger as your body grows, since they'll likely fit poorly and will only make you look larger. On the other hand, don't go crazy with plus-size maternity wear—a few good pieces should get you through the months ahead. Patterns and accessories can add an impressive touch to your outfit, but look for large floral prints and bright accessories and shoes to balance out your body's proportions.

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