Plus-Size Lingerie

Well-fitting full-figured lingerie

When it comes to plus-size lingerie, the first rule is to wear whatever style supports your body, keeps you comfortable and makes you feel gorgeous. Unfortunately, many brands tend to ignore the voluptuous woman, with slender tubes of fabric and bra sizes that end far too close to the beginning of the alphabet. Consequently, some women have had to settle for a too-tight piece that is more uncomfortable than functional, or else a bland style that trades "sexy" for "useful." However, there's no reason to sacrifice comfort, appeal, femininity or versatility in plus-size lingerie, and with some tips, you'll be able to find the right fit and perfect expression of your personality.

Fits that Flatter

Some pieces are meant to be more functional than others, but every garment should hug your body without pinching or poking. While underwire plus-size bras are undoubtedly the most supportive, many women find them irritating—in this case, look for a plus-size sports bra or fashion bra with wide straps and molded cups. You don't need to settle for a utilitarian white-cotton style, either: colors, patterns, lace and decals are used by many brands to add a touch of playfulness or sex appeal.

For a sexy and flattering look, choose plus-size camisoles that reach to mid-hip, which will lengthen your figure and highlight your neckline and shoulders. A generous figure also looks great in a plus-size chemise that offers good bust support, and a short, slightly flared skirt to lengthen the legs.

Best Brands

Cacique is one great brand of plus-size bras—their extensive line offers beautiful, sheer matching sets in a range of fashionable colors. Empreinte and Elomi are other excellent brands, featuring stunning feminine styles with bands up to size 52 and cups up to HH in some pieces. Goddess brand features some attractive and affordable plus-size strapless bras and is especially popular for plus size wedding lingerie. Looking for a plus-size nursing bra? The Bravado brand offers some very supportive and well-designed styles, while Hot Milk is known for their sexy, attractive styles for nursing moms with ample busts.

Style Secrets

Patterns add some flair to everyday lingerie, but not all patterns look amazing on all bodies. An ample figure benefits from animal prints and medium-sized patterns, especially vertical stripes with darker colors. Also, look for pieces with ribbons that run lengthwise down the sides of the garment, or a small bow at the center of a V-neckline to draw attention a voluptuous bust and the center vertical line of the body.

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