Plus-Size Hosiery

Finding pantyhose and stockings in plus sizes

To get the most out of your outfit, you need to choose your foundation garments carefully. Not only should your plus-size tights or pantyhose stay up, but they should also respect your curves and work with your body to keep you feeling comfortable and looking slim. Although most hosiery is remarkably stretchy, don't settle for a smaller size than your body demands—plus-size hosiery is designed with your proportions in mind, allowing the right amount of give and just enough compression to fit well and get you through your day. Not every style or brand will suit every occasion or body type, so keep some helpful tips in mind when you hit the shops.

Fits that Flatter

The advent of the leggings trend brought a variety of styles and colors into women's wardrobes, but which ones are best for the generous figure? While the skinny-jean style can look good on long and thin legs, it simply doesn't flatter most figures. Instead, opt for the slimming look of dark-colored plus-size leggings that reach down to the ankle, or a control-top plus-size stocking that contains bulges for a sleek look. Stay away from silk, which is generally too elastic and lustrous, and instead go for a brand of plus-size pantyhose that includes 10 to 30 percent elastane or Lycra.

Best Brands

Hosiery bears much resemblance to some dancewear, so you may want to look into brands like Capezio and Danskin that carry a good selection of durable yet stylish plus size sportswear, like leggings and stockings, that can double as everyday wear. Of course, trusted shapewear brands like Spanx and Sculptz are great choices for stylish plus-size tights and pantyhose, with footless styles or reinforced toes to accommodate any climate or activity. If you're looking for sexier styles like plus-size fishnet or super-sheer thigh-highs, browse through online retailers to find the right style and colors for you.

Style Secrets

While the bold colors and playful accents of fashion hosiery can be fun to wear, they will do nothing for the size and shape of your legs. For wider and longer legs, stick with darker colors and avoid striking patterns and shimmery materials. Some subtle vertical lines may help to elongate your figure, but be careful not to draw too much attention to only one part of your outfit or to break up your look too much if you have prints on other pieces, as well. Also, match the color of your hosiery to the color of your shoes for a sleek and long look.

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