Plus-Size Formal Wear

Elegant plus-size evening gowns and prom dresses

Thanks to the exciting styles offered by today's forward-thinking designers, it's time to get excited about your next formal occasion. With the incredible array of alluring, provocative and classy plus-size formal wear fashions on the market, you're sure to find the perfect form-flattering piece.

For a long time, fuller-figured women had relatively limited options when it came to plus-size gowns and plus-size evening dresses. However, in recent years, the world of high fashion has begun to pay more and more attention to the needs of full-figured women, and designers and clothing manufacturers have gleefully dived into this once-overlooked market. The result is that plus-size women have more choices than ever before.

Fits that Flatter

With plus-size evening dresses and plus-size gowns, you'll find that designers are trending towards understated, closer-fitting tops that emphasize the bust line that flower out into a flared or textured bottom half. Plus size dresses that hang off one shoulder are very popular, especially in bolder colors, as this creates an arresting effect with a sweeping top-to-bottom visual appeal.

With plus-size prom dresses, you may be better off to select a velvety fabric rather than synthetic material with a sheen finish. Thicker fabrics with a velvety finish tend to cling to your form better than sheen synthetics, which can bunch up in unflattering ways. As with all plus-size formal dresses, getting a tailored piece is the ultimate key to the perfect fit.

Top Brands

Some of the best-known designers and labels that make plus-size gowns and formal wear specifically for fuller-figured women include Marina Rinaldi, Carmen Marv Valvo, Richard Metzger, Dana Buchman, Ralph Lauren Plus, Liz Claiborne Woman and Ellen Tracy.

Style Secrets

Choosing a piece that has a thin, built-in sash or waist delineator is a subtle but effective way to enhance the overall visual appeal of your dress. This creates an understated division between the top half and the bottom half of your gown.

Plus-size evening wear with halter-style tops are a sensuous option if you are well-endowed in the chest and are looking for a tasteful way to emphasize this part of your body. You don't have to show a lot of skin to create a very effective look; halter-style necks provide natural framing that is ideally accessorized with a thick necklace.

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