Plus-Size Dresses

Cute party dresses in plus sizes

With more and more fashion designers responding to the needs of fuller-figured women, plus-size dresses are now available in more exciting variations and striking styles than ever before. Whether you're looking for plus-size cocktail dresses to wear to an upcoming party or need plus-size maternity dresses and clothing until your baby is born, you're sure to find the perfect apparel as long as you keep some essential style tips in mind.

Fits that Flatter

For plus-size party dresses, you're most likely to get the best fit if you choose a flowing material that won't cling to the curves of your body. If you're looking for a thicker, more luxurious fabric, choose a fitted gown that won't bunch up; if necessary, pay a little extra and get the piece altered by an experienced tailor.

Just like petite maternity dresses, comfort is the most important consideration with plus-size maternity dresses. These garments are designed to offer ample room and usually have some extra fabric, so keep this in mind when you're shopping, especially if it's relatively early in your pregnancy.

When it comes to women's plus-size skirts, there are many different patterns and styles that can work; often, their effect depends on the top you've paired the skirt with. Generally, if you stick to flared pieces that have some width and volume, you'll have an easier time achieving the look you're after.

Top Brands

Some of the top names in women's plus-size party dresses include Kiyonna, David Meister, La Femme, Atria, Alyce Designs, Faviana Coutoure, Mori Lee, Nicole Miller and Nika.

Style Secrets

One of the tried-and-true style secrets in the world of plus-size fashion is to stick with monochromatic tones whenever possible. Single colors have a slimming effect. If you do opt for prints or patterns, confine them to the bottom of the dress rather than the top and select a piece that guides the eye up and down rather than left to right.

Another trick you can use is to select plus-size party dresses with intricate textures and flares in the lower half. This sense of volume both flatters and enhances your body's natural form and can create a unique and appealing effect.

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