Plus-Size Costumes

A great selection of plus-size Halloween costumes

Shopping for a costume should be fun, but it can quickly turn into a tiresome chore when you have some curves to accommodate. Often, the pre-packed costumes you find in stores are simply not made for the voluptuously figured woman, and the cut rarely works to accentuate her best features. But don't resign yourself to a future of ghost costumes yet—there are many types of women's plus-size Halloween costumes out there, and whether a devil outfit or a women's plus-size French maid costume is more to your liking, you can find a flattering style and a comfortable fit with a bit of guidance.

Fits that Flatter

If you'd like an ultra-feminine look without having to reveal too much skin, plus-size Renaissance costumes may be just what you're looking for. These dresses look beautiful on ample figures, with long trains, soft lines and diagonal cuts to accentuate your height and make you look slimmer. If you are leaning toward a flirty style, consider plus-size costumes with skirts that fall above the knee or just to the knee—anything that ends mid-calf will emphasize width instead of height. Plus-size devil costumes are lively choices and very appropriate for Halloween; you can choose a sexy skirted style or a trendy (and warmer) version with long, wide pants and fun decorative trimmings.

Whichever style of costume you choose, be sure to buy the right size to stay comfortable, stylish and looking your best. If you're worried about bulges, couple the outfit with plus size shapewear to smooth your silhouette instead of trying to squeeze into a smaller size. If you've chosen a larger costume style, look for vertical lines and patterns to keep you looking tall, and be sure that there isn't too much extra material around the middle if you're going for a slim look. While your local party store may carry a small selection of costumes for an even smaller selection of bodies, the Internet is bursting with retailers of plus-size Halloween costumes, so browse around to compare styles and sizing.

Style Secrets

Costume parties should be enjoyable, and it is your time to transform into something that makes you feel happy, glamorous, playful or sexy. Instead of worrying too much about the cut and whether you can pull off one of the skimpy costumes that are all the rage, think about styles that will suit your personality and pay attention to detail. Rich fabrics and all the right accessories will bring your look to another level, regardless of the specific character you choose.

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