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Plus-size apparel and fashion advice

If you're a full-figured woman, plus-size fashions can help you look your stylish best. By using a few women's plus-size tips and tricks to your advantage, you can build outfits that flatter your form. When it comes to plus-size women's clothes, choosing the right tones or colors and proportions are the keys to looking great. You can also use carefully selected pieces of trendy plus-size clothing to draw attention to your body's most appealing features.

Plus-Size Fashion Tips for Full-Figured Women

If your goal is to trim down the appearance of your full figure, there are several principles you can use to your advantage. Before you even begin to build your outfit, you can use plus size shapewear to streamline and compress your figure. Single-piece body shapers and control-top pantyhose are both popular form-flattering undergarments.

From there, choose which body features you want to accentuate. Plus size dresses can show off shapely legs, and well-selected bras can enhance the appearance of your bust line.

When you're building your actual outfit, keep in mind that darker, solid colors have more of a trimming effect than brighter colors and patterned prints. To maximize this effect, stick to blacks, charcoal grey, burgundy and darker blues.

In terms of fabric selection, aim for materials that aren't stiff, bulky or clingy. Instead, stick to light, flowing fabrics that hang naturally off your body and don't bunch up in the wrong places. Be sure to try all garments on before you buy them to make sure they look the way you want them to. If you're shopping online or with a plus-size catalog, ensure the retailer has a flexible return policy so you can exchange items that don't fit the way you envisioned.

Finally, choose accessories that are scaled to work with your body type. Don't carry a tiny purse or wear little studded earrings if you're a tall or full-figured woman; instead, celebrate your size by carrying a fuller handbag or accessorizing with dangling or hooped earrings.

Finding cheap plus-size clothing that helps you look your best is easy when you shop with specialized retailers. You'll enjoy far more selection than you would if you limited yourself to the relatively small selection of plus-size clothing available at mainstream, traditional retailers.

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