Tall Girl Tops

Flattering tops in tall sizes

You can use tall girl tops to make your height less noticeable or to maximize and celebrate it. These garments include a complete selection of formal and casual blouses and cardigans, as well as specially designed long-torso shirts and sweaters for women with elongated trunks.

Sleeve length is one of the most difficult issues for tall women and women with long torsos to address when clothes shopping. While you can solve these problems to a degree by choosing short or three-quarter-length sleeves whenever possible, finding tall girl sweaters and long-sleeved tall girl blouses for wear during cooler weather can be tricky. Your best bet is to shop with specialty retailers.

Fits that Flatter

If you want to lessen the visual impact of your height, choosing tops that have some extra fabric and a looser fit is a good strategy. You can also tuck in tall girl button shirts and tops and pair them with wide belts and flared tall girls jeans or skirts to draw the eye from left to right (rather than up and down).

Tall girl blouses, shirts and sweaters with a closer fit tend to elongate the form of your body. If you want to enjoy your height to its fullest, choose form-fitting tall girl tops.

Best Brands

Many designer labels make uniquely designed tall girl tops. Banda, Jaco, Maroshi, Greenway, Valla, Channai and Avalon are among your many options. For tall girl cardigans and sweaters, look for items from Kelebek, Innes, Claydon, Abbotsbury, Karla, Margarita and more. Shopping with a specialty retailer of clothing for tall women will reveal many more choices.

Style Secrets

Be sure to use accessories to create the exact look you're after. Small earrings, like studs, can look disproportionately tiny compared to the rest of your clothing and accessories, so bigger hoops tend to have a better effect. Mixing dark colors with light ones creates horizontal separation, which makes you look shorter, while monochromatic outfits have an elongating effect.

If you want to celebrate your height, bigger is better when it comes to accessories. Larger purses and handbags look best; bright colors have a more arresting effect than muted ones.

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