Tall Dresses

Skirts and dresses for taller women

Tall women have unique advantages and opportunities when it comes to fashion choices. Whether you want to lessen the impact of your height or exaggerate it, there are specific techniques you can use to amplify, accentuate or downplay your form. With tall dresses, different prints, patterns, shapes and fabric cuts can be used to create precise effects. Dresses for tall women come in a complete range of sizes and styles that you can wear to work, out for a night on the town or even just casually around the house.

Fits that Flatter

You'll use different fits and styles, depending on whether you want to compact your tall form or embellish it. If you want to diminish your height, one thing you can do is wear long, flowing dresses that are anchored on your shoulders. The continuousness will have a compacting effect on your body. You can also choose prints and patterns that draw the eye from left to right, rather than from top to bottom. Since short skirts tend to elongate your body, tall girl skirts should be longer if you are aiming to lessen your height.

By contrast, long vertical lines, especially those that are divided at the waist by a thin belt, will exaggerate your height. You can combine tall girl tops with shorter skirts for a dramatic and sensual effect. Long torso dresses designed to elongate your upper body are also widely available.

Best Brands

Karen Kane, Ingenuity, Tribal, Rachel Pally, James Perse, T-Bags, Faviana, Daughters of the Revolution and Susana Monaco are among the most popular names in tall dresses and fashions. Many of their pieces are understated and tasteful enough to double as tall girl business wear.

Style Secrets

Choosing the right accessories is a very important secondary strategy for creating the exact effect you're after. If you want to lessen your height, mix dark colors with light ones and avoid single-colored outfits. Wear flat heels, carry large purses and don't wear studs or small hoop earrings, as they'll appear disproportionate.

If you want to look even taller, wear knee-high boots, long or large hoop earrings, long necklaces and large pendants. Growing your hair long will also help you appear taller; shorter hair is better if you're after compaction.

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