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Shopping for tall plus-size fashions

Trends in the fashion market show that more and more designers and retailers are responding to the needs of women with bigger and taller bodies. Plus-size tall fashions are now available in more exciting styles and variations than ever before, so finding the right fit has never been easier.

Tall plus-size clothing is available through specialty retailers, many of which have locations in major malls and larger urban centers. However, if you live in a smaller town or city, or if you have limited retail options in your immediate area, you may be better off shopping for plus-size tall women's clothing through catalogs, which are widely available online through dedicated retailers of tall plus-size fashions as well as directly from designers and manufacturers.

Fits that Flatter

It's best to avoid stripes, both vertical and horizontal, if you have a plus-size long body. Stripes exaggerate length and width, neither of which creates a very flattering effect.

With tall plus-size pants, choose darker, muted monotones. They tend to create a smooth, uniform effect, which can mask the fullness of your form and help you achieve an evenly proportioned look.

Top Brands

You'll find that many popular designers make specialty apparel for women with unique proportions. Avalon, Banda, Channai, Greenway, Jaco, Maroshi and Valla make stylish tall girl tops. Among other brands, you can get Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren and Roberto Cavalli jeans in plus sizes for tall women, and many well-known fashion designers offer collections of tall dresses, including Ingenuity, Rachel Pally, T-Bags and Susana Monaco, among others.

Style Secrets

When it comes to looking your best with a plus-size tall body, accessories are everything. Beyond finding clothes with a flattering fit, you should be careful about your selection of peripherals like jewelry, handbags and shoes.

Generally speaking, choose larger, more noticeable jewelry, like big hoop earrings, sizeable pendants and thick pearl strings. Handbags and purses should be on the larger side, too, because they'll be in better proportion to the rest of your body. With shoes, choose flat soles or short heels if you want to shorten your form or knee-high boots and high heels if you want to emphasize your height.

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