Long-Torso Swimsuits

The best swimsuit styles for tall women

If you have an atypically tall frame, finding swimwear with the right fit and style can be tricky. Fortunately, designers have started responding to the needs of women with lengthier frames with long-torso swimsuits.

Women's long-torso swimwear is available in many different types, including scoop-neck swimsuits, long-torso tankinis, halters, racerbacks, swim dresses, bandeaus, bikinis and more. Long-torso bathing suits also come in a complete range of styles, from conservative and understated designs to bold, playful and sexy swimwear.

Fits that Flatter

Choosing the right type of swimsuit depends on the unique characteristics and curves of your body. Women with large breasts can use sports tops or long-torso bathing suits with wide straps or spaghetti straps if a modest look is preferred. If you have smaller breasts and want to enhance their appearance, you can wear a bathing suit with a horizontal neckline or choose a padded bikini top.

Halter tops help even out your proportions if you have wide shoulders, and high-cut legs can even out your appearance if you have a long torso but shorter legs. Swim skirts and swim dresses are plus size swimwear options recommended for women with fuller-sized hips and thighs.

Top Brands

Recommended brands of women's long-torso swimsuits include EQ, Newport News, Lands' End, Malia Mills and Karla Colletto. These designers have created swimwear collections in a wide range of flattering cuts, patterns, prints and styles.

Style Secrets

Selecting a long-torso one-piece swimsuit with high-cut legs will make your torso appear to be shorter and will even out your body's proportions. Sports tops can also be used to diminish the appearance of your long torso, and horizontal stripes will guide the eye from left to right rather than up and down.

Straight-cut bikini bottoms don't tend to be particularly flattering on longer bodies, but two-piece swimsuits create a visual break, which can even out your body's proportions. Another strategy you can use is to choose suits with different colors or tones in the top and bottom, which compress the waist and make your body appear smaller.

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