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Tall girls' apparel and fashion advice

Tall girls and women have very particular needs, as well as exclusive opportunities, when it comes to fashion. Designed for women who are 5'9" and up, clothes for tall girls make it easy to find stylish garments that fit your unique form.

However, there are a few pieces of general advice that many big and tall girls find extremely valuable when it comes to selecting clothing and fashion accessories. Keeping these in mind as you shop for tall girl clothing will help you make confident choices, knowing you're going to look your absolute best when you wear your new outfits.

Tall Girl Clothing Tips

According to conventional wisdom, tall women with conservative tastes should avoid wearing short skirts, as they exaggerate the length of your legs. (Of course, you can always thumb your nose at conventional wisdom if an endless-legs look is exactly what you're going for.) Some other general fashion tricks you can use to enhance the visual appeal of your form include:

  • Tucking in your shirt to define a sharp horizontal line. This is an especially effective look on tall girls with thin waists.
  • Wearing flared dresses and skirts which fall below the knee. Flared skirts and tall dresses add a touch of horizontal balance to your outfit.
  • Pairing shorter skirts with knee boots. This look compacts the visual impact of your tall form. Extended shoe sizes are available if you need something larger than you can find through regular retailers.
  • Incorporating wide belts and horizontal stripes into your wardrobe. These draw the eye across your body rather than up and down it and can have a compacting effect on tall girls.

When it comes to tall girl outerwear, long lines are key. Opt for lengthier rather than shorter jackets and coats, as they'll flatter your form and harmonize with your height.

Where Tall Girls Shop

Dedicated tall girl stores are commonly found in major shopping centers and larger cities, but if you live somewhere with limited retail options, your choices may be restricted. Since sizing is crucial for big and tall girls, it's important that you have very accurate measurements if you're going to order clothing online.

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