Plus-Size Petite

Tips on choosing plus-size petite fashions

While flattering styles for plus-size women can be hard to find, shopping for petite plus-size clothing can be downright frustrating. It seems that few designers truly grasp the challenges that shorter yet ample figures face—sure, the body is shorter, but so are the limbs and the torso. This means that too-long pants or a flowing blouse will do little to accentuate the curves of a petite woman, and will instead often look ill-fitted or even frumpy. However, with a few key "rules" and some helpful tips, the plus-size petite woman can enjoy a flattering, comfortable and confident look.

Fits that Flatter

As with smaller-sized petites, you'll want to take some steps to lengthen your figure, which in turn will detract from a wider frame. In the case of plus size tops for taller women, the way the material drapes and where the blouse falls will make all the difference—and the same goes for shorter ladies. Too much material will lead to bunching, so the best women's plus-petite clothing will be designed with proportion in mind, keeping the shoulder dimension in line with torso length. When shopping for large petite skirts, stick to styles that fall just above the knee to add some length to your legs.

Best Brands

For casual petite-plus clothing, try Lane Bryant and Woman Within, which feature comfortable and stylish outerwear plus some nightgowns and accessories. If you're looking for a slightly more classic business look, check out Jessica London's Avenue collection. With a bit of searching, you'll probably be able to find several online stores that cater to your needs, but be sure they have forgiving return policies so you won't be stuck with a poor-fitting outfit.

Style Secrets

Since the selection of plus-size petite fashions can be disappointing, you may want to find yourself a good tailor to alter larger clothing appropriately. Alternatively, check with department stores to see if they'll offer free or cheap alterations for your purchases. Once you have a good fit, you can extend your style with some delicate and carefully chosen accessories—one nice piece of jewelry and a moderately sized handbag can complete your sophisticated or playful look. A good fit and a thoughtful arrangement can do a lot for your comfort and confidence.

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