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Finding a bra for a petite build is often more difficult than simply finding a small bra. This is largely because a petite woman is not necessarily small in all areas—her body may be proportionately slight, or else the torso length and chest size may not match industry standards. A petite bra must fit perfectly in order to provide the needed support and adequate comfort that every woman needs to feel happy, sexy and confident. You'll need to understand the demands of a petite body in order to find the right petite lingerie for you.

Fits that Flatter

Begin by determining your true band size. Many petite women have smaller rib cages, which translates to a smaller bra band. However, most generic bras that you find on the racks rarely go under a 32-inch band. What this means for smaller women is a slack and unsupportive bra that does little for the figure. Also, a padded bra can look rather sloppy if the band and cups are not appropriately sized. Instead, look for a bra that sits flush against your torso and cups that fit around the whole breast, which will minimize bulging and bunching. Defined or molded cups will work best for your figure.

Best Brands

The Little Bra Company is known for a versatile selection of small band and cup sizes, from 28A to 36B. The Olga petite bra is hailed as an extremely comfortable and seamless bra, though their sizes don't run as small as specialty petite brands. A good reason to check out online specialty stores or petite lingerie boutiques is their selection of other smaller-sized lingerie—many offer petite panties and petite thongs that are made to suit a proportionally small lower body, as well. Check out Figleaves and the Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar online for a good selection of petite underwear styles and sizes.

Style Secrets

If you want to create more shape or size in your chest, rely on your outerwear instead of your bra. Unless you find the perfect fit for a push-up bra, which is a tall order, choose petite tops with ruching or cowl necks to accentuate a small bust line without revealing too much. A deep V-neckline is more daring but equally as flattering, though you'll be more limited in the style of bra you wear under it.

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