Petite Activewear

Apparel for active petites

When it comes to exercise clothing, comfort and a good fit make a big impact on your workout. For petite women, improperly sized stretchy pieces wind up slowing them down—pants that drag are not only uncomfortable, they are a tripping hazard, and loose bra tops offer absolutely no support. But why should shorter women have to settle for baggy, inefficient and frumpy sweats? You can look great, feel comfortable and stay supported with petite activewear that is designed to accommodate your proportions, accentuate your best features and even create the illusion of height.

Fits that Flatter

Too-long pant legs can cause problems, but petite jogging suits with capri pants will allow for freedom of movement. As for lower-intensity activity, yoga clothing can be a mainstay in your wardrobe; stock up on petite yoga pants that sit on the hips and have a straight leg or slight flare to look great inside and outside of the studio. Like an ideal petite bathing suit, your stretchy petite workout clothes should emphasize the vertical line of your body to lengthen your figure, so avoid intensely patterned, strapless tops and opt for v-necklines with straight straps instead. Shorts or pants that end mid-thigh or mid-calf will break that vertical line, so go for either high-cut or full-length styles.

Best Brands

While some department stores like JC Penny and Land's End have caught onto the petite clothing trend, petite yoga clothing and activewear can be hard to come by in traditional retail centers. However, the Internet offers a good selection of petite retailers, one of which is Sweet Petites that specializes in bra tops, tanks, petite pants and sporty dresses. Your other option is to go with a familiar brand that tends to run small—an extra small size in Champion, Puma or Old Navy activewear may fit your body well.

Style Secrets

An important feature of any workout outfit will be a good fit with minimal fabric, so you can observe and adjust your form as needed without being restrained by extra material. Also, the shorter the sleeves, the longer your upper body will look. When it comes to swimsuits, a wrap or sarong can be a petite girl's best friend—wrap it around your waist to hide your tummy or around your hips to add some curves.

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