Big and Tall Suits

Well-cut suits for big and tall men

It can be tricky to find a well-fitting suit if you're a big and tall man or if you have unusual proportions. The designs used by the vast majority of clothing manufacturers assumes that you are evenly sized throughout your body, and these options won't fit you very well if you're particularly broad or stocky.

Exceptionally tall men face different challenges. While your body's proportions may be even, most retailers simply don't carry a whole lot of options for very tall men. You'll need longer garments which are still streamlined, and if you don't have the budget for custom-made big and tall suits, you're going to have to draw on some tried-and-true style tips and tricks to find a good fit.

Find the Right Fit

Practically all suits will need at least some tailoring, and this is true with regular clothing as well as with specialty big men's suits and big and tall tuxedos. Thus, it's important to know where you should focus your attention when it comes to finding the right fit.

With big and tall suit jackets, it is vital that your shoulders and chest are properly accommodated. You may need to have these measured to ensure you find the right garment. Don't worry too much about the arms (unless the sleeves are too short) or the width of the jacket—these are easy to alter. The same applies to dressy big and tall shirts. With big and tall sweater vests, chest sizing is of paramount importance.

Formal big and tall pants should fit right in the waist, crotch and seat. Length and bagginess issues can be addressed through tailoring.

Best Brands

Scores of well-known designers offer specialty apparel for big and tall men, including Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Zegna, Ralph Lauren and many others.

Style Tips

Don't overlook the importance of a properly proportioned necktie; select specially designed big and tall ties to go with your suit. Rotund men may also find that wearing a compression garment helps streamline the body and improves the overall appearance of their fitted and tailored clothing.

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