Big and Tall Socks

Stocking up on tall men's socks

If you're a man of larger proportions, you know what it's like to struggle with clothes that don't fit right. It can be a challenge to find apparel that conforms to your unique dimensions, from outerwear right down to underwear and hosiery. Fortunately, there is a complete selection of big and tall socks available for men with exceptionally large or wide feet and calves.

As with big and tall underwear, the simplest big men's socks are simply proportionally larger than regular socks. Big and tall socks are designed for men whose feet are size 13 and up; however, you may have unique needs that aren't addressed by these products. For example, you may have wider-than-usual feet of a smaller size, or you may put extra strain on your feet because of all the walking you do on a larger frame. Some bigger men have medical conditions that diminish their blood circulation. There are many large socks for men designed to offer added support and promote good foot and leg health.

An Overview of Specialty Big Socks and Tall Socks

Beyond staples like large men's dress socks, sweat socks and work socks, there are other specialized hosiery products available that offer added comfort and protective benefits.

Large calf socks, which are designed to house normal-sized feet on men who have exceptionally large calves, are much more comfortable and less restrictive than the alternatives. You can also purchase tall men's socks that cushion soles or provide extra arch support, as men with bigger and heavier frames put a lot more pressure on their feet when they stand or walk.

Many diabetics have bigger bodies, and if you're afflicted with diabetes, chances are you know all about the risks the condition can pose to your foot health. Substandard circulation can eventually lead to serious medical conditions like gangrene. To help you improve blood circulation to your feet, you may need special diabetic socks with unrestrictive tops. These socks are also made from highly breathable and comfortable fabrics.

Don't neglect the right fit for your foot when you shop for big and tall clothing. The right socks can make a world of difference for your comfort as well as your health.

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