Big and Tall Shirts

Casual and dress shirts for big and tall men

It is often difficult for men with unusual proportions to find stylish and functional clothing that fits their frames. There are few regular clothing retailers that stock a broad selection of big and tall shirts for larger men. To compensate, many larger men choose shirts that offer proper proportions in one regard but are an imperfect fit in others. For example, to get a shirt that fits your long arms, you may be forced to purchase a garment with a much more generous width or length than you need.

To meet your unique needs, there are many clothing manufacturers who offer specialty apparel, including both casual and dressy big men's shirts.

Find the Right Fit

There isn't a whole lot of fit flexibility when it comes to big and tall T-shirts; you'll likely be limited to the options on the XL, XXL or XXXL rack, and because they're short-sleeved, you won't have to worry about the right fit in the arms. Your only sizing concern with big and tall tee shirts is that they offer ample room in the torso.

Finding big and tall dress shirts is more challenging, since you need to have the right fit in the torso, around the neck and in the arms. What's most important is to find a shirt that's the right size through the neck and arms, as it's easier and less expensive to alter the width and length to fit your body size.

Best Brands

Dozens of famous name brands manufacture special big and tall sweatshirts and active wear, including Columbia, Wickers, Woolrich, Carhartt and many others. Big and tall polo shirts are also offered by many recognizable labels, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Bahama, Toxic Fish, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Sean John and more. Like big and tall pants, both generic and branded big and tall dress shirts are available in countless styles and variations.

Style Tips

With big and tall button-down or casual shirts, getting the right fit is crucial. If you can't afford to have your clothing custom made, you should at least budget for a good tailor. Ensuring a snug but comfortable fit around the sides of your torso and making sure the shirt is of the proper length are the keys to looking great no matter what your size.

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