Big and Tall Pants

Finding the best big and tall jeans and pants

Finding big and tall pants with the right fit is a challenge for any large man. Too often, pants are well-proportioned in the waist but are far too long or baggy, or they fit your form well but are too tight. If you've tried shopping for big and tall jeans or pants at a regular clothing retailer, you've probably found that your options are very limited.

Whether you're looking for big and tall dress pants, big men's cargo pants, big and tall men's jeans or big men's overalls, your best bet is to take advantage of specialized retail resources. There are many companies that manufacture apparel specifically for customers with unusually large proportions.

Find the Right Fit

With any kind of big and tall pants, the most important thing is to ensure you get the correct fit in the waist. This may require sacrifices in other areas, such as length, but it will ultimately ensure your comfort. Inseams are far easier to manipulate than waist sizes.

With big and tall shorts, it tends to be easier to find a good fit, since shorts are designed to fit loosely and comfortably, and there is less fabric to deal with even if you do need to make alterations.

Best Brands

Many major manufacturers offer products specifically designed for larger men. Some of the best-known brands that offer big men's cargo pants and big and tall jeans include Columbia, Levi's, Haggar, Nautica and Silver Tab, among others. Popular brands of big and tall shorts include Dockers, Chaps, Greg Norman and many more.

Style Tips

As with big and tall shirts, your tailor is going to be your best friend when it comes to making sure your new pants fit perfectly. You can have any piece of clothing tailored, including big men's jeans—there's no need to worry about them fitting perfectly right off the rack.

One style tip to keep in mind when it comes to big and tall pants is that it's easier to create a tapered look if your body type is particularly generous through the waist and your slacks are therefore looser in the legs. If your budget allows, ordering custom-made clothing is another option you can consider, as this will absolutely ensure the perfect look and fit.

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