Big and Tall Coats

Fitting tips for big and tall outerwear

Finding outwear that fits right can be challenging for big and tall men. All too often, coats that fit right through the chest and shoulders are far too long in the waist and arms, since most designs are intended for people with relatively proportional body types.

However, unlike big and tall shirts and big and tall pants, tailoring isn't always easy when it comes to big and tall coats. Many outerwear garments have trim or special fabric finishes around the cuffs and waist, making resizing impossible without fundamentally altering the coat. Big men's leather jackets especially need to be carefully sourced and sized because alterations are not an option.

To find what you need, you should shop with a specialty retailer of big and tall outerwear. These merchants carry clothing that is specifically designed to accommodate ample frames, husky and tall frames while offering a closer fit for your limbs. They carry everything from men's plus size outerwear to big and tall fleeces and windbreakers.

Find the Right Fit

When shopping for large men's coats, it is essential that you take careful measurements rather than relying solely on generic sizing ranges. This will help you evaluate your options more accurately, whether you're shopping with a traditional in-store retailer or with online vendors.

Have your chest, shoulders and arms carefully measured. If a preferred big men's outerwear retailer doesn't have a suitably sized item in stock, they can use this information to order a coat that will fit directly from the manufacturer or supplier.

You can also get coats custom made. This is an option you may want to consider if you need a nice coat for formal and dressy occasions and you're willing to spend a little money on a quality garment that will last a long time.

Style Tips

When it comes to big and tall men's coats, many fashion experts urge people not to buy overly bright or saturated colors. Conventionally speaking, these are considered to be undesirably loud, since coats are larger than most other types of apparel and tend to command more visual attention.

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