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Plus-size teen fashion advice

Fashion plays a big role in teen culture, but it can be very discriminatory. After all, not every young woman can fit into those red-carpet garments that are all the rage, and instead they may settle for ill-fitting or drab clothing. But why should a fashion-conscious plus-size girl sacrifice style? Plus-size teen clothing is made with the young woman's body shape and style choices in mind, so it will often differ from regular women's plus-size pieces. With some careful selection and helpful tips, you can find plus-size clothing for teenagers that will help you look your best and showcase your keen eye for style.

Fits that Flatter

While billowy T-shirts and pants may seem like the best way to hide a big frame, this approach will bring the very opposite result. Rather, look for plus-sized teen clothes that are designed to even out proportions—flared leg pants will minimize the upper leg by drawing out the lower leg, and shirt styles that fit well in the shoulders and create a straight line will look the best. Tight-fitting clothes tend to accentuate bulges, but light and slightly loose layers can give just enough coverage to pull off a body-skimming tank or skirt.

Best Brands

While many stores specialize in plus-size clothing, fewer appeal to the teen's sense of style. Lane Bryant is a good store for sophisticated, casual plus-size clothing for teens, and their sizes tend to fit a bit larger than other plus-size stores. For more playful styles, look into Alight's seasonal lines. Torrid features up-to-the-minute trends and more daring fashion, but the attention to plus-size needs will ensure that even the shorter shorts and tighter plus size tops will look good on your body. They also offer a fairly extensive line of plus-size teen swimwear.

Style Secrets

Accessories are the best way to dress up any outfit, but they're even more useful for plus-size teen fashion. Things like jewelry, handbags, hair bands and clips are generally not size-specific and are great ways to express personal style and a keen eye for fashion. In fact, a plain outfit with some carefully chosen accessories can actually draw the eye away from the larger areas of the body. And when it comes to colors, choose carefully—a good color palette that matches hair color and skin tone can go far in creating an appealing look.

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