Junior Plus-Size Clothing

Finding fashionable junior plus-size dresses, swimwear and more

Shopping for a plus-size child can be more difficult than you imagine—especially if style is an issue. There is no shortage of trendy tops and sporty pants for slender boys and girls, but even the largest size available just won't cut it for many heavier children. In turn, many kids risk being teased or ignored when they cannot fulfill the lofty fashion requirements of their peers. To resolve this style dilemma, look to junior plus-size clothing that is tailored to the specific proportions of larger children; the right fit, color and cut will restore self-confidence and help to fit in with the group.

Fits that Flatter

A big, loose fit will certainly cover any trouble areas, but it will do little for a child's or teen's overall appearance. As with any plus size outerwear, the idea is to find a good fit and streamline the body, not blanket it—some tactful decisions in the clothing store can do wonders for the final look. For instance, stick to flared or boot-cut junior plus-size jeans to minimize leg size, and look for junior plus-size dresses with empire waists to conceal the midsection and lengthen the body. The most flattering junior plus-size swimwear pieces will draw the eye away from a trouble area by accentuating another area with pretty patterns, and should offer full coverage.

Best Brands

For younger girls and boys, Old Navy and the Gap offer a good variety of affordable and trendy junior plus-size clothing. For something a little more sophisticated but still age-appropriate, you may find that Land's End has the selection you need. Sears is another good choice for apparel, as you can find everything from junior plus-size sleepwear to trendy outerwear for larger children. Compare the merchandise online to see where the best deals are for any particular type of clothing.

Style Secrets

There are so many fun accessories for kids these days, and unlike much of the clothing, they are made for every body type! Since size is not a limiting factor for most jewelry, backpacks and hair clips, these are fantastic ways to stylize an outfit. Grooming and cleanliness are also extremely important when creating an appealing look—you'll need to keep trendy new shoes spotless and hair tamed for a coordinated and refined appearance.

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