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Junior plus-size apparel and fashion advice

When it comes to shopping for clothes, many young women and men are faced with a considerable challenge instead of a fun day of indulgence. Most junior sizes end at 15, though many American kids and teens do not. While there is a variety of general plus-size apparel available, rarely does it reflect the interests, style and particular body shape of the younger generation—the plus-size clothing industry often seems to be a step behind the demand for larger, yet proportioned, trendy junior plus-size fashions.

However, there are places online and around your city where you can find some well-designed plus-size junior clothing that offer all of the glamour, playfulness or sophistication that you can expect from the hottest junior and teen fashions. The key to getting that stunning look is not a perfect body; it's a good fit and a clever style.

What Junior Plus-Size Really Means

Children's plus-size clothing is more than a smaller version of women's plus size clothing, it's designed to be trendy and often a bit more fitted. More department chain stores have branched out size-wise with a reasonably large selection of plus-size apparel in the junior women's clothing section, which means that you'll be able to find the same fashions in both smaller and larger sizes rather than resorting to another department altogether.

Although some stores are improving their selection, it can still be tough to find the right pieces to express your personal style and preferences. Luckily, there is a larger variety of online stores that specialize in plus-size teen fashions to satisfy the most discriminating shoppers. But since fit is so important, shopping online for plus size teen clothing can pose some challenges. Keep in mind that sizes are not universal—compare your measurements to the size charts provided by each site instead of assuming you'll fit into a given size.

Finding the Right Style

While many stores offer the same style in a straight size and a plus size, this doesn't mean each body type will look equally as amazing in a particular piece. For instance, in the case of athletic wear, short shorts may not be the most comfortable or the most appealing choice for a plus-sized person. Instead, consider capris, which give more coverage but still allow ease of movement. A good rule of thumb is to appreciate your body and work with your lines—this rule works as well for children and teens as it does for adults.

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