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Get comfortable wide-width shoes

If you have had to squeeze into shoes for years, settling for clunky styles or suffocating fits, you might have resigned yourself to a future of uncomfortable or unattractive footwear. But don't give up just yet—there is a greater selection of wide shoes than ever before to accommodate a range of foot shapes, ensuring that you walk tall with comfort and style.

When it comes to wide dress shoes or casual shoes, the most appealing styles will fit the width of your foot while making it appear narrower, while the wrong style can accentuate your foot size. Learn which features to look for in women's and men's wide shoes.

Fits that Flatter

Wide casual shoes should have an adequate toe box to ensure that no toes will overlap or squeeze together. The heel is equally as important, as blisters and irritation will occur without a snug fit. Avoid square toes or laces that stretch from one side of the shoe to the other—emphasize the vertical line of your foot instead of the horizontal.

Strappy heels will make your feet look bigger, drawing the eye to the exposed parts of the foot instead of the delicate, thin lines of the shoe. However, a platform or wedge gives height without accentuating the size of the foot, and the right style will do double duty by lengthening the body figure but reducing the foot width.

Best Brands

Your brand choice will depend on the season and the occasion, but there are a few companies known for their wide-shoe selections and styles. For summer, check out Dr.Scholl's sandals made for wide feet, which are as durable as they are comfortable. Adidas' Supernova sneaker is a great women's wide shoe for running or training, offering a larger space for the front of the foot and a remarkably comfortable sole.

As for winter wear, Timberland is a trusted brand for stylish yet sturdy wide boots and shoes. Check out the online retailer Woman Within to browse a good selection of wide dress shoes, casual sandals and pumps.

Style Secrets

While you may assume quite the opposite, pointy-toed shoes are great styles for wide feet. The elongated toe instantly reduces the width of your foot, and many styles offer an ample toe box so the tapered tip is simply a clever but unessential addition to the shoe.

Wide or large shoes need not look bulky or clumsy, so don't be afraid to experiment with daring styles once you find a brand that is made for your feet.

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