Narrow Shoes

Finding shoes for narrow feet

While you will find a wide range of shoe styles to accommodate feet of varying lengths, it can be challenging to find a good fit for a narrow foot. Wider widths are becoming more common, but the slender foot is often neglected when it comes to comfortable, stable and stylish footwear.

Although your feet might fit into regular shoes, the excess space and lack of support can spell disaster for your foot health, causing a good deal of annoyance, pain and even fallen arches. To sidestep discomfort, you'll need a good pair of narrow shoes that are made for the proportions of your feet and for the activity in question.

Fits that Flatter

There are a few features to look for in women's narrow shoes that will balance out your proportions and highlight the slender shape of your foot. An open toe, strappy design or sling-back heel will look great on long, narrow feet. In fact, your style options are almost limitless!

The most important thing to consider is the fit—AA to AAAA widths accommodate narrow feet in both small and large shoes. Narrow dress shoes and narrow running shoes alike should hug the sides of the foot without pressing the toes together too much. This means that, depending on the unique shape of your foot, you may need to look for a pair of narrow-width shoes with a larger toe box to offer some breathing space, or perhaps a closed front to keep your slender toes in place.

Best Brands

Narrow shoes can be difficult to find, but there are some trusted brands that will suit your gait and sense of style. If you're looking for men's narrow shoes for everyday living or a night on the town, Florsheim, Magnanni and Johnston & Murphy are a few good-quality choices.

For both men and women, Footjoy is a respected and relatively affordable brand of narrow golf shoes, and for athletic shoes, New Balance has built a reputation on excellent form, remarkable comfort and a variety of widths and sizes.

While traditional retail stores will carry some narrow shoe brands, look online for a better selection of women's and men's casual, dressy and sporty narrow shoes.

Style Secrets

Certain styles will look better on thin legs, others on thicker legs. Consider the hemline of your outfit, your height and the shape of your calves when choosing narrow shoes, as the lines of the shoe can have a great impact on the line of your figure.

Do you feel that your thin legs lack feminine curves? Consider strappy shoes, especially those with T-straps, to fill out your feet and lower legs a bit. For thicker legs, look for a style that is cut low in the front with a small heel to add a bit of height, and avoid straps across the foot or ankle.

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