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Fashionable shoes in large sizes

Shopping for large shoes can summon feelings of frustration, anguish and defeat for fashion-conscious people. It's especially challenging for the ample-footed woman, who faces a drastically reduced selection of styles, lengths and widths to choose from.

Many department store shoes stop at size 10, so you'll likely need to browse through some specialty stores to find the size 12 shoes or size 14 shoes you're looking for. However, there is a surprisingly good selection of large shoes if you know where to look, and with some clever strategies, you can minimize the look of your feet while keeping a comfortable fit.

Fits that Flatter

To make larger feet look smaller, you'll want to have as little extra sole as possible. Look for a style with a sole that's flush with the fabric of the shoe, since a wider sole on a men's or women's large shoe will only add extra girth. Beware of wearing too much shoe in general, since the heavier the style, the bigger your feet and legs will look. On the other hand, the more tapered the shoe, the thinner your foot will look, which is great if you're hoping to minimize width but bad if you're primarily concerned with reducing length. As with wide shoes, a wedge or thicker heel is a better choice than a stiletto, and it's better for your back as well.

Best Brands

For men with larger feet, Mezlan and Fratelli footwear brands offer impressive selections of elegant and sophisticated dress shoes in large sizes, while Johnston & Murphy, Steve Madden and Dunham cover more casual styles.

As for women's footwear, Vaneli, Moda and Antia offer some playful summer styles in up to size 13 shoes. For dressier styles, David Tate and J.Renee are good brands to consider. For larger sizes, you'll find a more limited selection, but Barefoot Tess features trendy footwear that runs up to size 15.

Style Secrets

The way you match your shoes to your pants or skirt will affect the proportion of your figure, so dress with care. A clunky heel and square toe will negate all of the slimming effects of a well-fitted pair of slacks, but straps, buckles and other carefully placed accents can make feet look smaller and will stand in as the perfect accessory to an outfit.

Minimize the look of large feet with darker colors, straight lines and low-cut fronts to accentuate leg length rather than foot size.

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